RV navigation has a different set of rules - an RV is large, unlike your car or motorcycle, and the tour is also going to be longer and diverse. Taking into account the specific needs of your recreational vehicle, it is always a wise decision to invest in the best RV GPS navigation system or tracker. Plan your tours, drive on the best routes, avoid traffic, and reach your campsite safely - a dedicated RV GPS navigator will ensure that you enjoy your vacations like never before.
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Garmin RV 890 - 8
Garmin RV 890 - 8" RV GPS Navigator
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The perfect guide on your tours

Setting off on the roads in a large vehicle is not the same as the daily commutes in your car. RV GPS navigators tackle the challenges that a recreational vehicle carries on a trip - narrow roads, height and weight limits, RV-friendly stops, etc. It provides you with RV-specific routing with a lot of points of interest on the way, including campsites. Turn on the RV GPS, select your favorite spot, and it provides you with turn-by-turn directions until you reach there..

Glitches aren’t good

Garmin and Rand McNally RV GPS navigators are some of the most versatile tools to carry along on all your tours. Their advanced features, like voice-activated and spoken guidance, live traffic updates, smartphone connectivity, lifetime maps, etc., deliver a glitch-free navigation every time. They also provide customized routes based on your RVs size and weight and hence ensure that you have a smooth time traveling. No stopping mid-way, no last-minute changes, plan the trip before you start the RV, and once you settle in - enjoy your holidays!