Dash Cameras

A dashcam mounted on your vehicle's dashboard is, in simple words, a witness to your whole drive. It records your road trip in detail, not missing even what you missed in a blink. So, in any event of an unfortunate accident, the dash cams know what and where it went wrong. On the brighter side, a dashboard camera records your unforgettable trip and store it as your memories to view later. Advanced dashcams also bring a host of features to enhance your driving experience, like collision warnings, lane departure alerts, and much more.
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Recording without a blink

Top automotive GPS manufacturers, Garmin and Rand McNally, along with Uniden and Whistler, produce some of the best Dash Cams for your vehicles. Dashboard cameras have a relatively small size and do not obstruct the view of the driver. Hence, without causing any mess, the tiny device captures detailed footages of your trips that you can later save and share too. With technologies like the G-Sensor, a dashcam detects a collision and auto-saves the footage with the date and time stamp.

Much more than a dashboard camera

Dash Cameras not only records your road-trip memories in high-dimensions but also allows you to turn them into innovative video features. You can share the joy with your friends and family anytime. Also, a dashcam promotes safe driving with various warnings and alerts, including that for speed and red lights. Some of the advanced Dash cameras also take care of the safety of your vehicle when you are not around. Hence, this small device is always worth an investment for your automotive.