Radar Detectors

Nobody wants a speeding ticket. So, people use radar detectors in their vehicles to get alert whenever they are approaching a police radar. A radar detector scans for radio frequencies of speed traps used by traffic officers and warns you, giving you enough time to slow down. Thus, when you are out on long drives with some load on the accelerator, you better have a radar detector to know when to lighten it up.
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Escort Passport X70 - Advanced Radar Detector
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Stay alert where you need to"

Advanced radar detectors also bring GPS capabilities to mark up areas where law enforcement officers frequently keep vigil. They are small in size and do not pose any obstruction to the driver's view. Hence, adding one on your dash would not be a concern. These devices also add a host of features to improve their performance, like long-range detection, false alert filter, voice alerts, and many more. Getting the right alarm at the right time can save you a dollar or more.

Top brands to watch out

Brands like Uniden, Whistler, Rocky Mountain Radar, etc., manufacture the best radar detectors for your vehicles with advanced features that make your travel easy. With regular alerts about the cops, red lights, speed cameras, etc., radar detectors ensure that you enjoy your trip, and at the same time follow the traffic rules, whenever and wherever necessary.