Bullet cameras are one of the most common types of network cameras that we see all around us in home-monitoring as well as business security systems. They have a distinct cylindrical or bullet-like shape and are most suitable for installation at places where a large area needs monitoring. That's what is the main advantage of a bullet cam - a long-range of surveillance. However, that never means a bullet camera is not suitable for indoor installations. Inside your home or office, or in your backyard, these cameras will keep a sharp eye wherever you install them.
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Securing your perimeters from anywhere

Bullet cameras are easy to install and can mount almost anywhere with a simple mounting assembly. Hence, you can use if for the security and vigilance of your indoors and outdoors as well. Its shape allows bigger lenses to fit inside, which helps it to capture high-quality footages across a large area. Due to their outer casing, a bullet camera can also withstand harsh outdoor environments more than their counterparts. Hence, you can create a surveillance system using more cameras and keep a sharp eye on your perimeters for complete security.

Is a bullet camera better for you?

Although a better network surveillance camera system should include a mix of different types of cameras, bullet cams have certain advantages. These types of cameras are the best when you need to ensure the security of a large area. For a new security system, you should look for features like corded or wireless connectivity, IR and night vision, built-in microphones, etc. Due to their distinct shape, bullet cameras are a visible dissuasion to trespassers or intruders. Therefore, it brings an additional level of security even before someone thinks of illegally entering your property. Browse FactoryOutletStore's selection of the best bullet cameras from top brands like D-Link, Hikvision, Samsung, Ubiquiti, etc., to build or expand your security.