Dome cameras are usually used indoors but also stand worth in outdoor security applications alike. They get their name from the round, transparent protective, at times vandal-proof, dome that encases the actual camera. The discrete design of these security cams is suitable for indoor applications with almost all commercial and domestic spaces employing them in the role.
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Close, real-time surveillance

Dome security cameras offer pan, tilt, and zoom functions to let you keep a close vigilance at the nooks and corners of your coverage area. Due to its dome covering, it often becomes difficult to see which side the camera lens faces. Hence, it forms a highly effective real-time monitoring system, letting you discreetly keep a watch on your office premises or home perimeters.

Advantages of dome cameras

While all types of cameras offer similar features, dome cameras excel in the viewing angles and are also more resistant to tampering. In the case of mounting options, dome cameras are versatile and can hang down from a ceiling or mount on a wall too. D-Link, Hanhwa Techwin, Hikvision, Linksys, Panasonic, Samsung, Ubiquiti, etc., are among the top brands that manufacture the best dome security cameras. Browse FactoryOutletStore's collection of network and security cameras and buy the best dome cameras to form a new or upgrade your existing network security and surveillance system.