Fake Cameras

Sometimes, you don't need a real camera security system to ward off intruders or trespassers. A fake or dummy camera can also act as a visual dissuasion, usually in areas less prone to any unusual activity. Dummy cameras do the job multiple times less than the cost of an actual analog or IP camera setup. Their realistic designs give anyone a reason to believe that they are under surveillance. Fake cameras come in both dome and bullet shapes for installations wherever deemed suitable.
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Night Owl DUM-PTZ-W - Decoy Dome Camera
Night Owl
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Securing in an affordable way

There are several premises in our homes or offices, indoors and outdoors, where we do not need an active camera security system. Rather than investing in a costly network camera, you can mount a dummy camera that imitates a real one. These fake cameras come in a durable, weather-resistant design, marking themselves suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. They also come with imitation infrared LEDs, making it look as good as a real IR camera in the nights as well.

Decoy surveillance is better than no surveillance

Fake cameras have an authentic-looking design and also offer battery-operated LEDs that give them an almost realistic look. At places where we think a network camera is not necessary, a decoy is always a better option. A fake camera may not allow you to see what's happening in your perimeters, but it can easily sway away burglars, thieves, or intruders. Therefore, it is wise to have a dummy installed rather than having no security at all.