Downriggers increase on-the-water efficiency by setting up a deep and stable vertical fishing line from your boat. Downriggers have a weighted cable that goes deep down into the waters at your specified height. You attach your fishing line that lures fish to it. As the boat moves, you will get a firm line, less affected by the drag of the trolling motor. Without using a downrigger, a fishing line will drag behind at a lower height, reducing your chances of catching fish. If you are a saltwater angler, a downrigger is for you throughout the year. Freshwater anglers can use a downrigger to catch fish who prefer deep, cold waters.
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Cannon 1979315
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Electric vs manual downrigger - which one to choose?

If that's what you're wondering, here's an explanation. The type of downrigger you should use depends, first, on the depth of water where you would be fishing. A downrigger has a pole that supports weighted cannonball by its spool cable that runs below in the depths. We have to bring the spool up, along with the weight. If you fish in "real deep" lakes, like up to 75-feets or so, this might be a problem. An electric downrigger employs a motor to crank up the spool, making it easy and fast. During not-so-deep fishing, a manual downrigger, lightweight and easy to operate, is a perfect fit.

The best downriggers

At FactoryOutletStore's collection, you can shop the best downriggers by top brands, including Cannon, and raise your fishing productivity. Buy a manual downrigger if you don't troll to deep or use a smaller boat. Shop for an electric downrigger if you need fast retrieval of the spool. Electric downriggers are an added advantage when you are fishing alone, making way for single-handed operation. Browse our collection to buy the best manual and electric downriggers now.