Trolling Motors

Trolling motors help your boat stroll over the waters without frightening the fishes. They can push or pull your boats quietly through the water, causing little to no disturbance, leaving the fishes clueless about anything being fishy. At FactoryOutletStore's collection, you can buy the best trolling motors by top brands, including Minn Kota and MotorGuide, to maneuver your boats while you wait with your baits. More fishes are coming your way!
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How to choose a trolling motor?

While buying a trolling motor, you need to point down certain factors. First, where are you fishing, there are saltwater and freshwater options to serve you durably in the environment you go fishing. You also have to think about your mounting preference. Transom mounting is ideal for canoes and other small boats, and are great at standard trolling. Bow-mount motors pull your boat from the front and offer more control and advanced features. Engine mount trolling motors saves your deck space, mounting directly on the boat's motor. The boat's size also determines a trolling motor's vital features - its shaft length, thrust, and power, that are the key to its performance.

Trolling your fishing efficiency

Modern-day trolling motors combine advanced features like GPS, autopilot, wireless control, cable-steering with foot pedals, direct link with fishfinders, and many others, for an enhanced time fishing over the waters. When you go fishing alone, these features are a boon for your adventure, doing a job similar to a crew member. While you focus on your fishing roads, a GPS-guided motor with autopilot can maneuver the boat or maintain position, as you want it. Shop for the best freshwater, saltwater, bow, transom, or engine mount trolling motors from FactoryOutletStore and get ready to increase your catch.