A wireless security camera system is easy to set up, requires less or no wires and cables, and suitable for domestic or small installations. Such cameras can transmit the security footage wirelessly to the network recorder using your WiFi connection. A wireless camera still requires a power connection through a cable while it performs all the transmissions through the wireless network. At FactoryOutletStore, we have curated a list of the top brand wireless cameras that you can buy to set up a security system for your perimeters.
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Uniden Guardian UDR744HD
Uniden Guardian UDR744HD
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A flexible surveillance & security solution

Flexibility is a big plus point of wireless security cameras. You can install a wireless camera anywhere without worrying about the network cables. It will connect with your WiFi router and transmit the footages over the connection. Since there are no wires other than the power one, a wireless camera can be easily moved from a place to another if required. Hence, it is a suitable option for home monitoring and security.

Exploring the wireless security camera options

Wireless cameras are no different from their wired counterparts and come in both dome and bullet shape. They are flexible and easy to install anywhere. Wireless network cameras also offer durable, weatherproof, and vandal-proof housings. Hence, they are suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor installation. Wireless cameras continue to do surveillance as long as the network and power are connected. In case of failure, some cameras can also store the footage locally in microSDHC or similar storage. Hence, you can have complete 24/7 security over your property.